Selecta One Releases New B&B + Trixi Catalog 2020/2021

2020 is an unusual and challenging year. Unfortunately, we were not able to maintain the important personal contact with you on site as usual. We hope that we can slowly return to normality in the coming weeks and months – of course taking into account all the necessary hygiene and protective measures. You are welcome to visit our show gardens in Straelen or Stuttgart. If you are interested, please make an appointment with your responsible sales agent.

In our Spring Annuals & Trixi® catalogue 2020/2021 we present you our new exciting breeding successes. A very special new variety: Petunia Circus Sky (front page). With its enchanting and appealing appearance it takes everyone into the fascinating world of the circus. Circus Sky delights her audience with a completely new, unprecedented combination of patterns and with the strong, popular colour. The wafer-thin, white flower edge emphasizes the special, slightly wavy flower shape and frames the beautiful pink-violet of the flower. Cheeky white speckles give it that certain something. The violet runs out into the light centre of the flower, making the flowers real eye-catchers.

The SKYfamily is growing: New to the Petunia sky are the impressive varieties Electric Purple SkyRoyalSky with a bright purple flower pattern and the fine, discreet LavenderSky (page 69).

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