Selecta One Starts CO2 Footprint Calculation

This lays an important foundation for obtaining medium-term reliable statements about the end product and for maintaining the sustainability efforts of all those involved in the process chain. 

Transparency, measurability and openness are the three most important motivations for Selecta One. The global company firmly believes in these values ​​and has been MPS-ABC-certified for many years, not least because of this. The special advantage of this: About 80% of the data required for a CO2 footprint calculation with the HortiFoodprint Calculator (HFC) from MPS is already available. The project will start in 2023 with the pilot locations in Tenerife and Stuttgart.

The basis for the newly developed calculation model is the industry-wide standardized method for quantifying the environmental footprint FloriPEFCR (Flori Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules). This unit of measurement is expected to be recognized as a standard by the European Union in the first quarter of 2023. As the only provider of footprint calculations for the green industry, MPS also offers users the option of simulating scenarios for their own operations. 

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