Verdissimo Introduces the New Rosa Queen

From Verdissimo we want to present you a new preserved rose: the Rosa Queen. The preserved rose is one of our star products, specifically, this one that we present to you in this article went on the market at the end of 2020, with a new packaging and new measures.

Why some new measures? With the Rosa Queen we have sought to replace one of the varieties of rose that we offered to our customers: the extra rose. The size of the Extra we liked, however, it was very close to that of our Standard. For this reason, the name and packaging have been renewed, now getting closer to the Premium rose and better complementing our range of sizes in roses.

Size of the Rose Queen

The change in size from the Extra Rose to the Queen Rose is very relevant. It does not go unnoticed because it can now be used for many more uses than before. The Extra Rose had a diameter between 6 and 6.5cm and the Queen is between 6.3 and 7.3cm, that is, 12% larger at its greatest width. It should be noted that the Queen, with respect to the Standard, is 32% larger, also in its widest range.

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