Hooray Foods Plant-Based Bacon Expands to Meal Delivery Services

Hooray Foods plant-based bacon is now available nationwide to subscribers of Hungryroot and Purple Carrot, two renowned meal kit and grocery delivery services. This expansion increases accessibility to Hooray Foods bacon, allowing consumers to enjoy the product without the need to visit a physical grocery store.

“It’s a joy to partner with Hungryroot and Purple Carrot on empowering consumers to explore new culinary horizons and delicious plant-based options,” said Sri Artham, founder and CEO of Hooray Foods. “This launch reflects the growing demand for more sustainable and ethical food options, and we’re honored to be a part of it.”

Hooray Foods’ plant-based bacon is crafted using a blend of wholesome ingredients, including a combination of starches and coconut oil. The result is a bacon alternative that closely mimics the taste and texture of pork bacon, but with a significantly smaller environmental footprint. Each strip contains only 40 calories, which is 65% fewer calories than pork bacon, along with 75% less fat and 40% less sodium. Furthermore, Hooray Foods bacon is allergy-friendly, making it accessible to a wide range of eaters.

Hungryroot, an innovative all-in-one recipe and grocery service, will incorporate Hooray Foods into their curated step-by-step recipes. Subscribers will have the opportunity to enjoy delicious dishes like plant-based BLTs and macaroni and cheese, featuring Hooray Foods bacon as a key ingredient. Additionally, Hooray Foods will be available as a standalone grocery item through Hungryroot.

Purple Carrot, a trailblazer in the vegan meal kit industry, will also include Hooray Foods bacon among its diverse selection of high-quality grocery offerings. Customers will have the option to add Hooray Foods bacon to any recipe, enhancing their plant-based meal experience.

To learn more about Hooray Foods plant-based bacon, visit hoorayfoods.com. To place an order through a meal service delivery, visit hungryroot.com or puplecarrot.com.