Proposed Meat Packing Plant Gets Name, and a New Partnership

RAPID CITY, S.D. – On May 27 it was announced that a $1.1 billion meat packing plant would be opening in Rapid City, and on June 6 Kingsbury and Associates, along with Sirius Realty announced the name of the proposed meat packing plant as well as their partnership with the Farmers Union Industries.

The name of the high-tech meat packing plant will be “Western Legacy Development Corporation”. The meat packing plant is expected to supply 2,500 jobs and if opened today starting pay would be $28 per hour. While many people are concerned with potential odors, CEO Megan Kingsbury said that the facility will be the first of its kind in North America to use the methane gas from the facility as energy for the plant, limiting the odor. The plant will be joined by another facility funded by the Farmers Union Industries.

“We’re excited to bring in our partner Farmers Union Industries where we are partnering together and they will be us on the bi-product facility side, this will flesh out our research and development phase over the next six months and we will break ground beginning of the year,” said Kingsbury, who is part of a five-generation South Dakota ranch. “With a three-year timeline to first-line opening.”

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