Smoked in Alabama: Sausage Companies Linked by Pride in Their Process, Products

Alabama boasts quite a few homegrown food brands, and among those, one has become almost synonymous with the product it produces. Conecuh Sausage company in Evergreen is so well known, many don’t even bother finishing the phrase when referencing the flavorful, meaty treat. They simply say, “Let’s grill some Conecuh.” Or, “Add Conecuh to your grocery list, hon.”

There’s even a Conecuh Sausage fan page on Facebook, where almost 17,000 members swap smoked sausage photos and recipes ranging from the simple (a warmed piece wrapped in a single slice of white bread) to the sophisticated. (How about a kale, mushroom and Conecuh sausage quiche?)

While it’s probably the most famous, Conecuh is by no means the only smoked sausage maker in the state. Companies such as Zeigler MeatsSnowden’sMonroeHall’sRoyal Foods and Kelley Foods turn out smoked sausage, as do some other small producers and even some local butcher stores.

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