Understanding Social Media for the Meat Industry in 2020

You’ve heard that social media is important – but with dozens of channels, unlimited content types and a new normal, knowing where to start can be tough, especially when the meat industry has experienced so much change. This blog will give you some tips on how to leverage social media within our current landscape, where adaptability is essential. Here’s some helpful industry insight from our social team:

The Social Media Marketing Funnel Explained – Michael Craddock

To truly understand social media marketing, you need to be familiar with the marketing funnel, which sounds a lot more complex than it is. With any content marketing (social media, blogs, emails, etc.), you need to consider the journey your audience will go on with you: how will they buy from you if they don’t know you? How can they engage with you if they’ve never heard of you? You must get inside the head of your target in order to connect with them. This year alone has shown marketers and meat companies that understanding your target audience is vital to ensuring success. People want to know where their meat comes from, how it’s packaged, etc. The answers to those questions help your customers make more informed purchase decisions.

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