Bee Sweet Citrus Gears up for Annual Summer Program

FOWLER, Calif., – As California’s domestic citrus season begins to wind down, Bee Sweet Citrus has been successfully transitioning into its annual summer program. As consumers continue to shift their focus towards immunity-boosting foods, Bee Sweet Citrus is confident that its summer line can help industry partners meet seasonal demand for citrus.

“Over the past few months, our industry has seen a huge surge in demand for citrus varieties across the board,” stated Bee Sweet Citrus Sales Representative Joe Berberian. “As consumers continue to invest in their health and well-being, we anticipate that demand will remain steady throughout the summer months.”

With a supply of Star Ruby grapefruit, Sanguinelli Blood Oranges, lemons, Valencia oranges and Chilean Navels and mandarins, Bee Sweet’s summer citrus line is diverse enough to meet everyone’s seasonal needs. This combination of both domestic and offshore product also upholds the company’s “no-gap” promise – ensuring customers access to citrus, even as the state’s domestic season comes to an end. 

“While all of the varieties included in Bee Sweet’s summer program are nutritious, each variety has its own set of unique characteristics,” stated Bee Sweet Citrus Director of Communications Monique Bienvenue. “The versatility of our summer line can meet the needs of any niche market, while also providing consumers with the added nutrition they look for in produce commodities.”

As consumers continue to seek out citrus fruits for their families, year-round availability is imperative to meet industry demand for product. All of Bee Sweet’s varieties are available in an assortment of packaging styles and meet the highest standards in quality and safety. 

For more information about Bee Sweet’s summer citrus program, please contact a sales representative at 559-834-4200 or visit 


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