Finally, Avocados That Are Always Perfectly Ripe

Santa Maria, CA. – Imagine a world where perfectly ripe avocados are no longer the unicorn, but the new standard. Avocado lovers rejoice! Cabo Fresh has launched your new refrigerator “must have” – Only Avocado – solving an age-old Avocado frustration and saying buh-bye to avocados that are never ready when you are. The California brand’s newest product fills a significant need by supplying avocados on demand in a convenient, squeeze pouch guaranteed to stay green and delicious for 10 days after opening.

With only three natural ingredients, and zero preservatives, you will have perfectly green avocado for days, literally. The magic is in the cap. Airlock Technology allows Only Avocado to stay green, by eliminating air exposure and the browning of avocados. Gone are the days of using half an avocado and watching the other half turn brown before your eyes. Consumers can easily dispense as much or as little as they want, leaving zero clean up and never again wasting precious avocado.

“We know purchasing avocados can be frustrating given their short shelf life & inconsistent ripening, so Cabo Fresh developed a solution that guarantees perfectly ripe avocados on demand. It’s about time avocados are ready when you are.” said Jessica Brown, Director of Marketing, Curation Foods.

Cabo Fresh ethically sources Haas avocados at their optimum ripeness to ensure all of their products deliver exceptionally fresh and natural ingredients to refrigerators around the country. Avocados, often classified as a “Superfood,” provide a wealth of health benefits including a significant boost of vitamins B, E, and K, potassium, antioxidants, niacin, folate, and fiber.

Cabo Fresh speaks to health-conscious consumers who seek a unique blend of fresh ingredients, bold flavors and a sustainable commitment to protecting the earth. Find Only Avocado in a convenient 12 oz. squeeze package at Kroger banners nationwide.

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About Curation Foods

At Curation Foods, our mission is to increase access of fresh, delicious plant-based foods made with clean ingredients to as many people as possible, in a way that preserves and protects our planet for future generations. Curation Foods is committed to being an innovation leader, with every step forward designed to expand access to fresh and delicious plant-based food. We promise to create and deliver products that are good for you, convenient and delicious, while simultaneously being good stewards of the earth.