Gumz Farms Pack Shed Expansion

Gumz Farms is undertaking a large expansion and remodel to its Endeavor, WI packaging facility to better serve its customers and meet growing demand.

With an average increase of 10% in annual sales, the expansion will increase existing capacity by approximately 40%. Its packing facility and sustainable growing practices allows Gumz to provide high quality produce in a timely manner to its customers. Gumz hopes to have the expansion complete for fall of 2023.

Owners Richard and Roderick Gumz, are the fourth generation of Gumz farmers. More recently, the fifth generation has come back to the farm to continue building the family’s operation.

Gumz Farms specializes in growing and packing potatoes and onions. Growing 40% of Wisconsin’s yellow onions and over 1200 acres of potatoes, Gumz Farms is the largest producer of onions and red and yellow potatoes in the state.