Industry Leader Randy Riley to Headline 79th Annual FFVA Convention

Co-owner of GoldenSun Insights to Share Perceptions with Industry Leaders at Prestigious Event in Naples, Florida

Batavia, Ohio — Randy Riley, a prominent figure in the produce industry and co-owner of GoldenSun Insights, has been selected as the exclusive speaker for the 79th Annual Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association (FFVA) Convention. This highly anticipated event, which attracts industry leaders, growers, and professionals from around the country, is scheduled to take place, September 25 -27, 2023 in Naples, Florida.

“This event brings together some of the brightest minds in our industry, and I am excited to share perceptions and strategies that can empower businesses to navigate the ever-changing retail and consumer landscape successfully,” says Randy Riley, Co-Owner of GoldenSun Insights. “It’s a fantastic opportunity to engage with fellow industry professionals and explore the future of our field together.”

By dissecting retail trends and consumer behavior, attendees can anticipate gaining a profound understanding of the complex interplay between supply, demand, and evolving consumer expectations. Riley’s insights will serve as a roadmap for businesses to not only adapt but thrive in this ever-changing landscape. The goal of this event is to offer a transformative perspective on retail strategies and an in-depth exploration of shifting consumer dynamics within the produce industry. This conference is an opportunity for businesses to stay ahead of the curve, adapt to changing market conditions, and position themselves as leaders in the space.

“Shifting retail strategies is a challenge that requires businesses to adapt and evolve,” says Riley. “As consumers grapple with so many choices at retail, it is imperative for businesses to adopt a strategy-centric approach, ensuring they can cater to the evolving needs and priorities of their customers. By embracing this approach, they will be positioned to thrive in the face of any future challenges that may arise.”

This year’s convention will bring together the leading voices in agriculture for thought-provoking conversations on the top issues facing the industry today. Among the shifting consumer behaviors and a dynamic global landscape, this gathering will serve as a platform for industry leaders to explore innovative strategies and solutions.

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