ACME Smoked Fish Foundation Announces $70,000 Grants for Seafood Industry Climate Awards

BROOKLYN, NY – Acme Smoked Fish Foundation today announced the second year of its Seafood Industry Climate Awards that support early stage efforts to reduce the industry’s carbon footprint. This coming year, three recipients will each receive a $70,000 grant – up from $40,000 per grant last year – to support projects that will address carbon emissions and increase diversity within the seafood industry.    

Together with TD Bank as the catalyst sponsor, Builders Initiative will also help support and grow the awards program over the next two years through a grant to the Acme Smoked Fish Foundation. Builders Initiative is part of Builders Vision, founded by Lukas Walton, that invests in and collaborates with organizations working towards sustainable solutions to societal and environmental challenges.   

“We are thrilled to build upon our first year of the SICA awards and to welcome Builders Initiative to support ground-breaking work focused on mitigating climate change and increasing the representation of diverse members of the industry,” says Rob Snyder of Acme Smoked Fish. “We believe that if innovators have increased attention, and access to resources, they can better position the seafood industry to be a leader in the climate movement. We’re inspired by the first cycle projects we have been able to support in the U.S., Canada, and Chile, and look forward to reviewing future applications.”   

The application for the awards cycle is available online here for North American applicants, and the entry period closes November 2. Award winners will be announced in the late fall.  In addition, a new cycle for the SICA awards in Chile will launch next week.  Award criteria includes the impact a project can make on reducing the carbon footprint of the seafood industry; a demonstrated plan with a clear approach and time-bound goals; and a focus on improving seafood industry diversity (women, people of color and marginalized communities).  As the program begins its second year, Acme not only welcomes new funders but also new judges for the awards from across the industry:  

  • New judge: Bri Warner, Chief Executive Officer, Atlantic Sea Farms 
  • New judge: Christian Andler, Cofounder, Green Ticket 
  • Amanda Batten-Foster, Corporate Citizenship Manager, Environmental

Programs and Partnerships at TD Bank Foundation 

  • Stacy Schultz, Director Marketing and Sustainability Coordinator, Fortune Fish and Gourmet, and Board Member of Sea Pact Foundation 
  • Sid Shafin, Plant Engineer, Acme Smoked Fish 
  • Rob Snyder, Chief People and Sustainability Officer, Acme Smoked Fish and

Acme Smoked Fish Foundation 

The three recipients from last year’s Seafood Industry Climate Awards are making great strides in their communities in Alaska and Maine – a snapshot of their progress can be found below.   

Lift All Boats Project: Luke’s Lobster  

The Maine lobster industry faces many challenges; among them the rising cost of fuel, the related carbon emissions, as well as the lack of diversity. These challenges are representative of fisheries more broadly in the US, and the Lift All Boats program is taking on these challenges and demonstrating a path forward that is inclusive and climate positive.  

Energy Sustainability of Mi’kmaq RAS Hatchery Using Solar Power: Mi’kmaq Nation:   

The Mi’kmaq Nation in Northern Maine is coupling renewable energy with their Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) to farm Eastern Brook Trout and address the food security needs of their community. By installing solar panels on their farm and hatchery, they aim to buffer disruptions to their food system brought on by climate change.  

ALFA BETA: Alaska Longline Fishermen’s Association Boat Energy Transition Accelerator  Fuel usage in wild capture fisheries contribute significantly to carbon emission and high costs in the seafood industry. The ALFA BETA SICA Award takes on this challenge, piloting technology that will lead the way for the electrification of the SE Alaska Troll and Long Line Fleet.  

The Acme Smoked Fish Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit that founded in 2021 in honor of the late Eric Caslow, Co-Chairman of Acme and a leader in the seafood industry for more than fifty years.  Support for the Seafood Industry Climate Award comes from Acme Smoked Fish Corp., TD Bank, Builders Initiative along with other companies and individuals.   

About Acme Smoked Fish Corporation  

 Acme Smoked Fish is a fourth-generation, family-owned and operated smoked fish company based in Brooklyn since 1906, dedicated to bringing people together through great food experiences.  Tradition and innovation meet at Acme, where their smoked fish experts are on a mission to smoke and cure the highest quality seafood specialties with a commitment to top food safety standards. Acme is dedicated to sustainability and education through the Acme Smoked Fish Foundation, which awards grants to support groundbreaking climate change projects throughout the industry along with educational grants in their communities.  In addition to its Brooklyn headquarters, Acme also smokes fish in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, Chile, and Denmark.  Their expanding product line in many varieties and flavors can be found in preferred supermarkets, specialty stores, bagel shops and restaurants from coast to coast.  Follow along at and