Keystone Fruit Marketing Anticipates Good Crop of Peaches for the Upcoming Season

Keystone Fruit Marketing began marketing and selling Peaches in the early 1980’s.  We know Peaches!

Keystone markets and sells Peaches from South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Although Georgia is known as the “Peach State”, South Carolina produces more Peaches than Georgia, about 3 times as many!

Southern Peaches (from SC, GA, and AL) are typically available from mid-May through early September.

West Virginia and Pennsylvania Peaches get started by late July and continue till early September.

We pack peaches mostly in 25lb volume filled cartons.  However, consumer 2lb bags are becoming more popular, especially with younger shoppers.  We recommend retailers to display loose and bagged peaches together, to offer the consumer a choice.  Secondary displays (of loose and / or bags) are a great way to generate some additional impulse sales!  Displays need to be worked throughout the day, to keep them fresh and full.

We also pack 2 layer trays and some specialty packs for selected retailers.

Keystone sells Peaches to retailers, wholesalers, and food service companies up and down the East Coast and to the mid-West.  Many buyers appreciate the short transit time as peaches are picked, cooled, packed, shipped, and delivered usually all within a few days!

Ideal weather conditions over the winter has the growers optimistic about a good crop of peaches for the upcoming season.  Plenty of chill hours, enough rain, no unseasonably warm temperatures, all translates to a very good crop!

We are expecting to get started by mid-May.

Early demand has been very good!  Buyers seem to be anxious to have good supplies of Southern / Eastern Peaches to sell this summer! 

Supplies will be plentiful, but trucks could create some havoc this spring and summer.  Advanced notice on all orders will be needed so transportation can be secured.

We value our relationships with our grower partners and our customers.  We pride ourselves on the integrity we carry though all of those relationships.  Working together, providing our customers with our growers peaches, so their customers can enjoy the exceptional quality fresh Southern / Eastern Peaches, is what we love to do at Keystone!