Mission Produce to Launch Mission Jumbos ‘More to Eat, More to Love’

OXNARD, Calif. — Mission Produce, Inc. (NASDAQ:AVO) (“Mission” or the “Company”), the world leader in sourcing, producing, and distributing fresh avocados, today announced the launch of Mission Jumbos, a pack full of larger, shareable avocados that offer more to eat and more to love. 

Mission Jumbos expands Mission Produce’s existing lineup of avocado offerings, which includes Mission Minis and Emeralds in the Rough. The Mission Jumbos offering was created in response to consumer trends indicating that people are increasingly incorporating avocados into their everyday diets and preparing more meals themselves as they continue to work, learn, and play at home. This shift in behavior and lifestyle has changed consumer buying habits, causing them to prefer and purchase multiple, larger sized avocados to last through the week. 

“Consumers shop for their avocados based on how they plan to use them and who they’re feeding, and now they’re shopping for more people while making fewer trips to the store per week. That’s where the

Mission Jumbos shareable serving avocado comes in,” says Denise Junqueiro, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications at Mission Produce. “Avocados have become a dietary staple in consumers’ minds, and we are excited to be able to expand our product offering to meet evolving consumer preferences.” 

Mission’s lineup of avocado offerings performs two to one in the market compared to similar offerings by competitors. “Mission’s products and programs are based on consumer preferences, designed to draw consumer attention and grow sales,” said Brooke Becker, Sales Director at Mission Produce. “Retailers featuring any of the products from our lineup are seeing the profits.” 

Mission Jumbos is the first bag to be launched under Mission’s new reduced plastic initiative. Boasting a plastic reduction of 12%, the Mission Jumbos contain less plastic in its netting and film than the average avocado bag. As part of the Company’s continued investment in sustainability, Mission is working with its vendors across the supply chain to reduce the amount of plastic used while maintaining product integrity. 

“We’re always looking for more sustainable ways to do business,” said Patrick Cortes, Senior Director of Business Development at Mission Produce. “We spent countless hours perfecting the Mission Jumbos avocado pack with our R&D team and are extremely proud of the end product, which is something that both consumers and retailers can feel good about.” 

About Mission Produce, Inc.

Mission Produce is the world’s most advanced avocado network and recognized leader in the worldwide avocado business. For over 35 years Mission has been sourcing, producing and distributing fresh avocados, servicing retail, wholesale and foodservice customers in over 25 countries. The vertically integrated Company owns 11,000 acres globally and operates four stateof-the-art avocado packing facilities in key growing locations including California, Mexico & Peru and has additional sourcing capabilities in Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, New Zealand, & South Africa. Mission’s global distribution network includes eleven forward distribution centers in North America, China & Europe that offer value-added services such as ripening, bagging, custom packing and logistical management. Mission is the largest global supplier of the World’s Finest Avocados, for more information please visit worldsfinestavocados.com.