Naturally Ripened Desbry Tropical Avocados Offer Retailers a non-GMO and Organic Option to the Original Avocado

Miami, FL – WP Produce—a Miami-based and family-owned grower, packer, and shipper of  Desbry® brand tropical fruits and roots— offers reliable supply of the traditional Tropical Avocado despite a lower volume season. Desbry® Tropical Avocado, a larger-sized avocado that is naturally slower to oxidize, delivers on retailer demand for non-GMO, and without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and with enhanced soil fertility for a true organic avocado.

“While some of our customers are very familiar with Tropical Avocados, others see them as an exotic item, which is also popular, but there can be the misconception that they are genetically modified because of the much larger size; when in fact the Tropical Avocado is the original avocado dating back many centuries ago,” shares Christopher Gonzalez, VP of Sales, WP Produce. “With our Desbry® Tropical Avocado, these beauties are naturally grown, naturally ripened, and non-coated for a pristine product.”

WP Produce offers dependable Desbry® Tropical Avocado supply by sourcing from quality-driven, farmer family partners that have been growing the same produce for generations, ensuring ideal growing conditions and peak ripeness. Despite a lower volume Florida season due to agricultural compromises from laurel wilt disease and general overdevelopment in the state, sourced growers have the best quality while following a stringent food safety program with traceability directly to the grove of origin.

“Our Desbry® Tropical Avocados are naturally slower to oxidize and also offer a longer cut life supporting consumer demand for pre-cut and ready-to-go healthy fruit options,” adds Desiree Pardo Morales, VP of WP Produce and founder of direct to consumer sister company Tropical Fruit Box. “The end-user customer buying at retail or online appreciates the convenience of the larger size, unique texture, firmness, taste and versatile recipe applications of Tropical Avocados.”

WP Produce provides customers with a year-round supply of its Desbry® Tropical Avocado as the number one importer from the Dominican Republic, complementing Florida’s off season. This presents retail and foodservice customers with the benefit of contract pricing, forecasting accuracy, and a commitment to year-round inventory. WP Produce offers buyer efficiency through its comprehensive supply of both tropical and exotic produce.

WP Produce founder, Willy Pardo, started the company in 1984 selling exotic and tropical produce to neighbors who could not easily find fruits and roots at their local grocery stores. Today, WP Produce is a full-line purveyor of tropical and exotic items and continues to be family owned and operated with Willy Pardo’s daughter, Desiree Pardo Morales, Vice President, and his nephew, Christopher Gonzalez, Vice President of Sales, focused on expansion of their Desbry® branded produce.

About WP Produce and Desbry®

WP Produce is a Miami-based, family-owned, and operated grower, packer, and shipper of Desbry® tropical produce for the U.S. grocery retail and foodservice industry nationwide for over 40 years. For more information visit and follow on Instagram @desbryproduce. To place an order, call (305) 326-8333.