Oregon Seaweed’s Pacific Dulse Now Found in New Seasons Market’s Produce Department 

Flagship product from trailblazing land-based sea vegetable farm provides nutritious, sustainable and versatile ingredient 

Portland, Ore. – New Seasons Market, a leader in providing locally sourced, sustainable food, is proud to announce its partnership with Oregon Seaweed, the largest land-based seaweed farm in the U.S. based in Garibaldi, Ore. The trailblazing farm’s flagship product, fresh Pacific dulse, can now be found in many New Seasons Market stores’ produce departments alongside traditional greens such as kale. 

Oregon Seaweed’s Pacific dulse is a revolutionary product that stands at the intersection of nutrition and sustainability. Cultivated in a controlled environment that mimics the natural ocean habitat without the need for pesticides or harmful chemicals, this carbon-negative and non-polluting superfood promises a plethora of health benefits to consumers and the planet alike. 

With a background in marine science and a passion for sustainability, Oregon Seaweed’s Alanna Kieffer advocates for the integration of sea vegetables into everyday diets. “Pacific dulse is more than what we commonly perceive as seaweed; it’s a step towards environmental stewardship and an incredibly versatile ingredient. Full of minerals and umami flavor, it can be used similarly to kale or other leafy greens,” shares Kieffer. 

Conscious consumers can appreciate the low carbon footprint of Pacific dulse — it requires no arable land, freshwater, herbicides or pesticides to grow. Its production even contributes to de-acidifying seawater, vital for marine ecosystems’ health. 

“Whether you’re making smoothies, salad or stir-fries, Pacific dulse brings a nutritious punch and supports a more sustainable future,” Kieffer adds. 

About Oregon Seaweed: 

Oregon Seaweed is on a mission to provide low impact, high nutrient, fresh foods to the world. It believes that healthy, fresh ingredients do not have to come at a cost to the environment. Its freshly farmed dulse seaweed is nutritious and delicious. Oregon Seaweed grows a variety of Pacific dulse that is also one of the fastest growing complete proteins on the planet. It’s also a great source of several vitamins and minerals, including potassium, iodine, calcium, iron, vitamins A and C, as well as fiber and omega-3 fatty acids. Its dulse seaweed is carbon-negative, and land based dulse seaweed farming needs only fresh seawater and sunshine to thrive. For more information, visit www.oregonseaweed.com

About New Seasons Market: 

New Seasons Market is a friendly neighborhood grocery store that believes great-tasting, local food has the power to build community and enhance lives. From taking care of its staff, partners, neighborhoods and the environment to growing a sustainable business, it’s doing what it loves with a commitment to cultivating a strong community centered around food. Founded in 2000 by three families and 50 friends in Portland, Ore., New Seasons Market is now a team of nearly 2,700 passionate staff across 21 stores in Oregon and Washington, serving a unique mix of locally sourced and organic items, classic grocery favorites, chef-made grab and go meal solutions. New Seasons Market is proud of its progressive values—from offering industry-leading compensation and benefits to committing 10 percent of its after-tax profits to the communities it serves. For more information, visit www.newseasonsmarket.com.