Rave Apples are Coming

It’s blossom time in Washington State and Rave® brand MN55 apples are making their grand appearance in Stemilt’s Mattawa, Washington orchards.

These beautiful blossoms will soon produce some delicious Rave® apples come early August. The outrageously juicy apple with a refreshing snappy zing is becoming a crowd favorite with many consumers looking forward to its Honeycrisp quality and refreshing flavor profile.

“Rave® apples are a great way to kick off apple season and retailers definitely reap the benefits from carrying this variety in August,” explains Brianna Shales, Stemilt marketing director. “The apple’s early timing and Honeycrisp parentage make for delighted shoppers. Rave® is a category booster to signal apple season. We are looking forward to our biggest year yet with Rave®.”