Stemilt Takes Innovative Step to Use Apeel on Artisan Organics Apples

WENATCHEE, Wash. – Innovation has been at the core of Stemilt’s organic program, Artisan Organics™, since it began more than 30 years ago. The company transitioned a large orchard to organic production in 1989, long before organics were trendy. In recent years, Stemilt has modernized its organic apple mix with shopper favorites like Honeycrisp and signature apples like SweeTango®. This season, Stemilt is bringing innovation to Artisan Organics™ once again through a partnership with Apeel and their plant-based protection for organic apples.

“Our mission at Stemilt is to grow fruit that delights consumers, and that means consistently delivering freshness and flavor,” said Brianna Shales, senior marketing manager. “Apeel™ has transformed the produce industry with its plant-derived coatings. Our in-house research and development team has studied Apeel™ on organic apples for two years now, and we see it as a huge benefit in helping us on our journey to deliver Artisan Organics™ apples with flavors and qualities that delight.”

Stemilt is a leading supplier of organic apples and supplies core organic varieties 52 weeks of the year. Apeel™ is made of plant-derived materials that are found in the peels, seeds, and pulp of fruits and vegetables. Once applied on Stemilt’s dedicated organic apple packing line, Apeel™ forms an edible peel on the apple that will help it retain moisture. This leads to crisp and juicy organic apples at retail and maintains fruit color and overall appearance.

“Stemilt believes that a fantastic eating experience with organic apples will lead to increased purchasing and greater demand for organics,” said Shales. “Apeel is going to help us deliver that crisp, juicy and flavorful organic apple consistently, which ultimately benefits growers, retailers, and most importantly, the organic shopper.”

Founded in 2012, Apeel works with nature to reduce food waste and create abundance for all. The company has tested its products for dozens of USDA Organic Certified products to make better quality, more sustainable, and longer lasting produce a reality.

“It’s great to partner with an organic pioneer and leader like Stemilt,” said Lauren Sweeney, Director of Marketing at Apeel. “We share their passion for improving the consumer experience and see Apeel’s plant-based technology as an important tool in their toolbox. Together, we can build demand through quality and reduce food waste.”


About Stemilt

Stemilt is a family-owned grower, packer, and shipper of tree fruit. Owned and operated by the Mathison family, Stemilt’s mission is to cultivate people and delight consumers with its World Famous Fruits. Stemilt is a leader in sweet cherries and organic tree fruits, and a key supplier of apples and pears. The company stewards an environmentally sustainable and socially responsible business through its Responsible Choice® program, which has been in place since 1989.  For more information about Stemilt, visit

About Apeel Produce

From strawberries to peppers, every fruit and vegetable has a protective peel or skin that nature uses to keep it fresh. Made from materials found in fruit, Apeel adds a little extra “peel” to the surface of fresh produce to slow water loss and oxidation (two factors that cause spoilage). Apeel produce stays fresh for much longer, so you have more time to enjoy it at its most delicious — and much less food and money is wasted. For suppliers and retailers, Apeel’s technology creates an optimal microclimate inside every fruit or vegetable, maintaining quality, extending shelf life, and transportability—with reduced reliance on refrigeration and controlled atmosphere. For more information, see the Apeel FAQ.