Stemilt’s Fuji Apples Shines Bright in Snowy WA State

Although it’s snowy and cold in Washington State, Stemilt’s beautiful Artisan Organics™ Fuji apples shine bright on packing lines this week. Stemilt is a long-time leader in the Fuji category, growing high-color strains like Aztec and a freshness focus delivered by its supply and demand forecasting program to pack Fuji’s fresh to order.

Stemilt offers Fuji apples in both bulk and bag options. “Our 5lb. Apple Lover pack is great for Fuji lovers who are looking to stock up between store trips and great for retailers as this bag option moves high volumes,” explains Shales. “Our 3lb. Lil Snappers® bag is another wonderful option for consumers who are looking for smaller sized apples, like parents. Both bag types come in conventional and organic.” Shales also suggested that retailers can turn to Stemilt’s Farm + Famous paper tote bag if they are looking to move bulk sizes while trying to eliminate another point of contact. “We know COVID has changed the consumer’s shopping habits, so we have our World Famous Fuji apples available in a variety of vehicles to ensure the consumer and the retailer happy,” states Shales. “Whether it’s bulk or bag, they will be delighted with our apples.”