Sun World International Launches Two New Table Grape Varieties

APPLAUSE™ and EPIC CRISP® are the Newest Varieties of Sun World International’s Family of Brands

APPLAUSE™ and EPIC CRISP® are the newest additions to join Sun World International’s family of table grape brands. For more than thirty years, Sun World International’s researchers have worked to develop and introduce flavorful, grower-friendly fruit varieties that enable producers, marketers and retailers to drive sales while delivering to consumers a delicious and consistent eating experience. 

These official launches are part of Sun World’s branding strategy, which includes marketing brands that bring together multiple varietals with similar attributes. Similar to other produce categories such as apples, citrus and berries, this approach was implemented to find a more sustainable and simplified approach to grape branding while fostering consumer recognition and preference, ensuring better returns to growers and reducing packaging input costs in the long run.

“In the current marketplace, consumers aren’t loyal to a specific brand of grapes; only green, red and black. That’s why we believe in driving awareness of grape brand attributes at the shelf,” said Dané Joubert, Senior Marketing Manager, Sun World International. “Flavored varieties are a niche space in the marketplace. Having multiple unique varietals under one brand, with unique attribute call outs, allows the consumer to recognize the brand versus having different brands for each unique variety. It also simplifies the packaging complexities for growers packing various varieties under one brand.”

Learn more about the unique brand characteristics and flavor profiles of APPLAUSE™ and EPIC CRISP®

APPLAUSE™:  Sugrafiftyfour variety, marketed under the APPLAUSE™ brand, is a mid-season green seedless variety that brings an unexpected twist with its sweet, tropical fruity flavor, making consumers’ grape-eating experience anything but ordinary. APPLAUSE™ offers a unique series of limited edition red, green and black seedless grapes with different shapes, sizes, colors and flavors.

EPIC CRISP®: Sugrafiftysix variety, marketed under the EPIC CRISP® brand, is a green seedless variety available during the mid-season that offers consumers a serious crunch with every bite, bursting with sweet, juicy goodness. Consumers’ grape experience is sure to be epic with EPIC CRISP® grapes! 

Sun World International is committed to bringing more innovative, sustainable and nutritious varieties to growers’ farms and consumers’ tables. Growers have access to new and improved varieties that are more sustainable, easier to grow, yield better, require less input cost and are disease resistant. These brands provide consumers an elevated and nutritious eating experience with a longer shelf life. 

Consumers in the United States can find APPLAUSE™ and EPIC CRISP® in major grocery stores such as Costco, Sam’s Club, Albertson’s, Giant Eagle, HEB, Vons, Aldi and Kroger. Supplies of APPLAUSE™ and EPIC CRISP® will be limited as production ramps up in the next five years globally. 

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About Sun World International 

Sun World International is a global variety development and licensing business. The California-based company has a global network of licensed growers and marketers and maintains offices in the United States, Europe, Australia, South America, Israel and South Africa. In 2023, Sun World launched a global marketing campaign for its iconic AUTUMNCRISP® brand seedless green grapes. This effort, anticipated to be the largest ever for a branded grape, is designed to drive demand and increase revenue for the company’s international network of licensees. More information about Sun World is available at