Trucco Introduces Brand New Eco-Friendly Kiwistar Kiwifruit Pack

As part of Trucco’s continuing commitment to sustainability, Trucco is introducing brand new eco-friendly 2lb KiwiStar kiwifruit pack, which will be available for both Organic and conventional varieties. Made of 100% plastic-free and recyclable paperboard, this new pack allows for proper ventilation while simultaneously keeping the kiwifruit secure. Keeping the consumer in mind, the packaging was also designed to be easy to transport, with a convenient handle at the center, demarcated by the iconic fruit itself. The packaging excels at sustaining the quality of the produce and being consumer-friendly, while also benefiting the environment.

Since the advent of single-use plastic packaging, a massive excess of plastic waste has been generated in our oceans. According to the United Nations, up to 80% of all litter in our oceans is plastic, as a matter of fact, by 2050, there will be more plastics in our ocean than fish Trucco recognizes the damage of plastic pollution, and it has taken a major leap forward as a result of our brand-new sustainable paperboard packaging.

The packaging is a part of KiwiStar/Cares ® (, Trucco’s brand new charity initiative, which was created to contribute to relief of our world’s most pressing issues and will be partnering with various organizations, including ones that share its initiative and passion for cleaning plastic out of our oceans.

The brand new KiwiStar packaging will be on shelves in the coming day, packaged in a beautiful purple box, made to keep our earth healthy, one kiwi at a time. For more information, please contact us at