William H. Kopke Jr., Inc. Unveils Refresh of its SWEETUMS Family of Brands

GREAT NECK, NY – William H. Kopke Jr., Inc.; a vertically integrated fruit and produce company since 1937, has unveiled their redesign for the SWEETUMS® family of branded citrus items. The family of branded produce includes citrus, grapes, cherries, pears, kiwi and berries; designed to represent a cohesive brand experience for the consumer.

The SWEETUMS® brand reflects the premium quality and eating experience the consumer can expect from Kopke produce products. The refreshed brands, which continue to present each produce item as an illustrated personification of smiling faces, fitted with sunglasses, has continued to stand out for over a decade across the produce department, welcoming consumers to enjoy the summer just as the brand does on the package.

“We have been selling under the SWEETUMS® brand for many years, and have received a great deal of positive feedback from the end consumer,” shared William Kopke of William H. Kopke Jr., Inc. “We set out to refresh each SWEETUMS® product to promote Kopke’s commitment to providing the consumer with a consistent brand experience across all categories. The consumer will trust and expect something special from the SWEETUMS® family,” he said.

Kopke further added, “The timing of this brand refresh couldn’t be better as it coincides with our investment and expansion of the Kopke Distribution Center (KDC Group LLC). We are currently adding 10,000 sq ft to our repack room, which will give us a total 35,000 sq ft of repack capacity, increasing the total footprint to 178,000 sq ft.”

The refreshed SWEETUMS® family of brands will make its debut this summer in grocery retailers across

North America. Citrus from Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Peru and Uruguay will be packaged under the SWEETUMS® Premium brand this summer followed by citrus from Morocco during the winter months.

To add the SWEETUMS® line to your produce department, contact the Kopke team at allsales@kopkefruit.com.