Grieg Seafoods Continues Building at Marystown Salmon Farm Site Despite Slow Sales

Another building is finished at the Grieg NL site in Marystown and cages are almost ready to go into the water in Placentia Bay.

Despite a slow 4th quarter in salmon sales for parent company Grieg Seafoods — the company said COVID 19 has been a factor in slower sales and lower prices — the Marystown operation is on track to have fish in the water in Placentia Bay by this summer.

Perry Power, director of human resources and communications at Grieg Seafood Newfoundland, told SaltWire a second building at the land-based hatchery site has been constructed to hold salmon for the ‘smoltification’ stage of their life, where they go through physiological changes to help them adapt from fresh water to salt water.

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