National Fisheries Institute Statement on the Ocean Shipping Reform Act

WASHINGTON, DC – We are pleased that President Biden has signed the Ocean Shipping Reform Act of 2022.  This bipartisan bill, which the National Fisheries Institute supported throughout, will help strengthen Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) oversight and allow the agency to more effectively discipline oceangoing carriers for unfair practices that harm U.S. seafood importers and exporters.

This type of authority is badly needed at a time when logistics log jams continue to affect the entire value chain, imposing huge costs and delays on seafood producers and thereby exacerbating the food inflation pummeling millions of American families.

FMC will now need to execute on a number of implementing rules in order for its new authorities to take effect. NFI stands ready to serve as a resource for FMC and encourages the Administration to decisively address the continuing ports problem in other concrete ways as soon as possible.