June is California Avocado Month

This year’s marketing activity includes a recipe contest, a drive-in movie event, chef recipes, social media support, public relations outreach and more. Concurrently the Commission is supporting customized retail and foodservice promotions that drive awareness of California avocados at point of purchase.

Brand Advocates Build Awareness of California Avocados

Bloggers, chefs, dietitians and other personalities have become valued communicators for the California avocado marketing program. They work with the California Avocado Commission consumer public relations programs, health and wellness initiatives, social media outreach, website content development and other marketing programs.

Oppy Welcomes First Foray Into California Avocados Through Eco Farms Partnership

April 29, 2021 Oppy

Marking a year of striving forward and strengthening synergies since Oppy acquired a 65% stake in Eco Farms last spring, the duo is now bringing California avocados — branded in the new Eco Farms label — to the market, celebrating the unification of the two companies.

Statewide Grower Referendum Affirms Continuation of California Avocado Commission

The California Department of Food and Agriculture recently completed a state-mandated referendum vote that determined the California Avocado Commission is approved to continue in operation for the next five years. By law, a continuation vote among eligible commercial California avocado producers must be held every five years.

Advertising Supports California Avocado Peak Season

The California Avocado Commission is extending its consumer advertising campaign, “The best avocados have California in them,” with new creative designs that playfully illustrate the California lifestyle, connecting the fruit with the locale.