The Foundation for Fresh Produce Launches Back-to-School Campaign to Boost Kids’ Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Research from The Foundation for Fresh Produce reveals that toddlers are currently the only age group meeting the recommended levels of fruit and vegetable consumption[1]. The findings highlight the importance of establishing routine produce consumption habits in children which will last throughout their lifetime.

Boosting Consumption: The Action Driving the Promise

The Consumer Connection Conference is more than an event, a place to learn and connect. It’s one of the actions that drives the promise of the Foundation for Fresh Produce: Grow a healthier world. 

UK Avocado Consumption Rises, Despite Cost of Living Crisis

February 21, 2024 World Avocado Organization

As middle-aged and younger generations alike look to attain more health-conscious lifestyles and want more interesting flavours and textures in their meals, the avocado is cooking up a storm in European kitchens due to its unique smooth taste as well as the health benefits that come with it.

2024 Award Nominations Underway for Innovators at Increasing Produce Consumption

January 11, 2024 PRODUCE BUSINESS Magazine

This pivotal Produce Business award series launched in 2023, features four inspirational cover stories showcasing the winning companies and individuals at Independent Stores (February), Chain Stores (through our Merchandiser of the Year award in April), Most Innovative Dining Outlets (July) and through Global Marketing Initiatives (December).

Freshfel Europe’s Consumption Monitor Shows That There is Still a Long Way to Go

April 3, 2023 Freshfel Europe

Freshfel Europe’s latest edition of the Consumption Monitor indicates that the average fruit and vegetable consumption in the EU grew to 364,58 g/day/capita in 2021. However, this positive trend that started during the coronavirus pandemic has already been curbed by the economic crisis caused by the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Freshfel Europe stresses the importance of reaching the minimum daily goal of 400 g per capita of fruit and vegetables recommended by the WHO, based on their strong health and environmental benefits.