U.S. Consumers Thirsty For More Oat Milk

Facing unprecedented demand from U.S. consumers eager for dairy-free milk alternatives, Oatly is currently dealing with a shortage of its popular oat-based beverage.

New Jersey Plant Opening Should Put an End to Oat Milk Shortage

Oatly Inc. expects to begin operations at a new plant in Millville, New Jersey, later this month, according to Sara Fletcher, a spokeswoman for the Malmo, Sweden-based company. The factory will increase volume as much as tenfold.

Silk is Releasing Oat Milk

December 26, 2018 Lily Rose, The Daily Meal

Silk is releasing three flavors of the millennial-favorite non-dairy milk drink that is currently sold by brands like Pacific and Oatly. Silk’s oat milk, called “Oat Yeah,” will be sold in plain, vanilla, and chocolate flavors.