ABA Builds Momentum: Industry’s Event on the Rise

Washington, DC – The American Bakers Association (ABA), the country’s largest, most established, and inclusive baking industry trade association, is delighted to announce its recent annual convention was the group’s most successful gathering ever.

“Not only was this year’s Convention the most successful statistically with more than 530 attendees, but also the most intrinsically valuable to our association membership,” said Eric Dell, ABA’s President and CEO. “Through the exchange of diverse perspectives and creative solutions, possibly the most robust Convention in our 125+ year history provided attendees with future-focused trends data, business intelligence, and leadership strategies they can leverage to power their businesses.”

The revamped Convention schedule and value proposition increased registration figures by 34% over the 2022 Convention and 9% over the most recent largest Convention held in 2017. Notably, ABA’s baker attendance grew by 35% over 2022 and 9% over 2019, beating pre-pandemic figures,” said Samantha Moore, ABA’s Senior Director, Meetings and Education. “First-time attendee participation broke the previous record from 2022, and was up 41% from 2019, which meant that attendees were able to forge new relationships more than ever before.”

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