Taste Tomorrow: Uncovering the Fastest Rising and Declining Trends in Bakery, Patisserie and Chocolate

As a food producer or retailer, you probably dream of being able to see inside your customers’ minds. Although we can’t do this yet at Taste Tomorrow, we do have the next-best thing: sophisticated AI technology that can analyze and predict people’s wants and needs based on their online behavior.

We’ve used this to look at the major trend shifts taking place in the bakery, patisserie and chocolate industries. Which are rising, and which declining? Our semantic AI not only shows whether vegan donuts are ‘in’ or ‘out’, but gives an understanding of consumer motivations and experiences by closely examining the language they use. 

Want to know how we define these trends based on our consumer data? Watch this!

Interested in enriching your product offering or winning the hearts of new customers? Then check out this overview of the most prominent consumer trends in our industries.

These are the five trends that are on the move: products which are either gaining or losing ground among consumers:

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