Where Do People Buy Their Baked Goods and Chocolate in 2022?

It’s not just the supermarket and bakery competing for a visit from the bread consumer these days. The number of retail locations is growing, both online and offline. So, where do people go shopping for bread, pastries, and chocolate treats? We asked 17,000 consumers in 40 countries around the world.

Online shopping

Physical stores aren’t the only place to shop for groceries anymore. While they’re still the primary source of bread, online vendors are snatching up more and more sales. Especially with new and convenient services such as GorillasGetir and Gopuff promising grocery deliveries by bike within ten minutes. 

Between 2018 and 2021, we’ve seen a growing interest in buying bakery products online. The proportion of consumers who have ever bought bread in this way has risen from 20 to 34 percent, and 40 percent have shopped online for patisserie. Consumers are most likely to turn to the internet for chocolate purchases: almost half have done so.

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