Solving Current Egg and Dairy Supply Chain Challenges With New Innovative, Efficient, and Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Tampa, Florida, USA, February 15, 2022IFCO, the world’s leading provider of Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) for fresh grocery products, Today announced the launch of a newly designed Collapsible Egg Crate, purpose-built to transport fresh eggs and dairy products through the entire supply chain – from the producer to the point of sale.

The egg and dairy category has experienced growing demand for durable, efficient, sustainable, and modern packaging solutions to solve current and emerging supply chain challenges. Recognizing this demand, IFCO product experts created concepts and worked collaboratively with egg producers and retailers to develop this industry-first solution.

“To solve the real-world challenges our customers are currently facing, we designed and tested our new Collapsible Egg Crate in cooperation with egg producers and leading retail strategic partners,” said Candice Herndon, President of IFCO North America. “Labor and transportation efficiency, supply chain integrity, and sustainability have never been more important, and IFCO is committed to providing our customers with innovative, cost-saving solutions like this new egg RPC.”

Innovative cost-saving design

IFCO’s new egg crate will incorporate seamlessly into the supply chain. It is easy to handle, helps reduce labor costs, and is fully compatible with existing rigid dairy and egg crates currently used across the supply chain. The containers are designed to stack with existing rigid wall egg and milk crates and fit established pack styles across standard egg and dairy products, eliminating the need for pack changes. In addition, their sturdy construction and unique design reduce food waste, keep eggs fresh longer, and reduce product damage by up to 50%.

After use, the RPC collapses for efficient backhaul and delivery transportation with a 3:1 stacking ratio compared to traditional rigid wall crates. This compact size significantly reduces the number of trucks needed for shipping by over 65% and means less room is required for staging and storage.

Intelligent RFID technology enabled packaging

Current supply chain challenges require modern solutions. All IFCO Collapsible Egg Crates are equipped with built-in RFID technology allowing traceability and digital transparency throughout the supply chain.

The digitalization of IFCO assets can provide producers and retailers with the intelligent data and insights they need to modernize their supply chain.

Sustainable solution for a thriving planet

The new Collapsible Egg Crate is part of IFCO’s commitment to making the fresh grocery supply chain sustainable. IFCO’s egg crates are a durable solution that can be shared and reused up to 120 times before being fully recycled into a new IFCO RPC to be used again.

The egg crates are integrated into the IFCO SmartCycleTM, a pioneering business model that embodies the circular economy and is based on sustainability and reusability. This model focuses on eliminating waste on all levels and reducing the carbon footprint and environmental impact of producers, growers, distributors, and retailers across the supply chain.

This new Collapsible Egg Crate is a real opportunity for producers and retailers to switch to a durable, efficient, sustainable packaging solution built for today’s fast-moving fresh grocery supply chain.

About IFCO

IFCO is the leading global provider of reusable packaging solutions for fresh foods, serving customers in 50+ countries. IFCO operates a pool of over 325 million Reusable Plastic Containers (RPCs) globally, which are used for over 1.9 billion shipments of fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, bread, and other items from suppliers to grocery retailers every year. IFCO RPCs ensure a better fresh food supply chain by protecting freshness and quality and lowering costs, food waste and environmental impact compared to single-use packaging. More: