Mifroma Unveils New Brand Identity and Packaging to Reinforce its Commitment to Quality and Tradition

Stamford — Mifroma is thrilled to announce the launch of its new brand identity, marking a significant milestone in its journey of growth and innovation. The fresh, modern look reflects the company’s commitment to preserve and promote Swiss cheesemaking traditions and its ongoing dedication to deliver exceptional products to tables around the world.

The new branding includes a dynamic new logo and redesigned packaging that embodies the brand’s values.

The new logo is a tribute to the savoir-faire of our Maîtres Fromagers with the ‘R’ symbolizing an embrace, a gesture of care and dedication towards the cheese wheel represented by the ‘O’. The copper color, found in the logo and the details of the new packaging, reminds us of the first step in this daily journey in Swiss tradition with the copper cauldrons where our cheeses are born. Finally, the rock texture celebrates the value of our caves where the magical process of maturation takes place.

To better understand the vision behind this exciting transformation, Edouard Pieraerts, Head BU Cheese Comments:

What prompted the rebranding initiative at Mifroma?

The rebranding initiative at Mifroma was primarily prompted by a desire to honor traditions while adapting them to modern times. Recognizing the importance of staying true to our origins, the company sought to give cheesemakers and Maîtres Fromagers the recognition and status they deserve. This acknowledgment of their expertise and dedication to the craft is reflected in the new branding, which aims to highlight their integral role in the production process.

What were the key factors that guided the new design and packaging?

Key factors that guided the new design and packaging at Mifroma included a commitment to respect and highlight the artisanal work behind the product, as well as a focus on premiumness. By elevating the brand’s design to match the high quality of our cheeses, Mifroma enhanced the support of our partners and reinforced their reputation of excellence.

How do these changes reflect the company’s values and spirit?

These changes reflect Mifroma’s values and spirit by striking a balance between tradition and innovation, underscored by a commitment to quality. The copper color, evocative of the traditional Swiss cheesemaking pots, and the rock texture, representative of cheese maturation in natural caves, vividly demonstrate Mifroma’s dedication to its heritage.

Simultaneously, these elements are presented in a modern design that showcases the company’s forward-thinking approach.

What is the mission of Mifroma and how does this new identity align with your vision?

Mifroma plans to roll out its new brand identity by emphasizing its commitment to maintaining traditional cheese-making techniques while connecting with our customers through stories of the artisans behind the products. As pioneers in innovation, we will continue to introduce new cheese varieties, explore novel consumption methods, and develop new formats to meet market trends and needs. Our goal is to ensure a sustainable future for cheeses from Switzerland, inviting consumers to continually rediscover and appreciate their rich variety.

How does Mifroma intend to roll out its new brand identity, and what strategies will it employ to support the launch?

Mifroma plans to introduce its new brand identity across all products and platforms by June. To bolster the launch, a comprehensive communication campaign will be launched, encompassing offline and online channels. This campaign will feature promotional videos, engagement with influencers on Social Medias, exclusive events for partners and customers, and activations and promotions at store level.

What should your partners and customers expect from Mifroma in the coming years?

In the coming years, Mifroma’s partners and customers can expect an unmatched dedication to their success, supported by our deep-rooted expertise in cheeses from Switzerland and category development. We will deliver authentic, high- quality products and introduce innovations, including unique product offerings and personalized support through a variety of events, campaigns, and educational programs. Mifroma remains committed to empowering our partners, ensuring they can confidently meet evolving customer demands and bring the exceptional flavors of cheeses from Switzerland to the world.


Since 1964 Mifroma has been selecting quality cheeses made by local dairy producers with traditional Swiss methods, safeguarding the wealth of the land, valuing the work and knowledge of the artisans, and protecting the pastures and animals that provide the precious milk used for production. As we move forward, our dedication to quality and authenticity remains the driving force behind our innovative approach.

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