Placon Corporation – Longevity and Stability Through Sustainability

Innovation in the packaging industry is not necessarily a given. Early on, Placon recognized that sustainable packaging was the key to driving new business and growth. An innovative leadership mindset has propelled the growth of the company to create new packaging products from post-consumer recycled materials. The key to efficiently delivering this high-demand line of products? Make sure your entire team is on board with the goal and have a clear understanding of the business plan. Placon continuously works to communicate the vision of the company to every employee. The result is employee longevity and business success.


Placon is a second-generation, family-owned company led by Chairman and CEO Dan Mohs. Founded in 1966, it has been a leading designer and manufacturer of stock and custom-designed plastic thermoforming and injection molded packaging. The company works with a broad range of customers throughout the world in the food, medical, and retail market space with a primary focus on the North American markets. In 2011, Placon was one of the first thermoforming companies to open an on-site recycling center that uses PET post-consumer recycled bottles and thermoforms to create EcoStar post-consumer recycled PET material. Forward thinking on sustainability helped the company differentiate from other thermoform packaging companies. Sustainability is a deep belief of the company, so much so it is written into the company vision statement. Each day the team is driving to create, innovate, and collaborate with customers to create better packaging that will highlight their products within the food, retail, and medical markets.


“Our employees are the key reason we have been so successful for the past 55 years and the reason we will continue to be successful for the next 55,” said Mohs. “People enjoy working at Placon because we treat each other like family. We recently had an employee who celebrated his 50-year work anniversary and retirement with us. What an amazing achievement. Our team embodies our values and culture that we have exemplified since 1966.”

Through strategic business planning, state-of-the-art technology, and a focus on sustainable packaging, the company plans for continued success. Every employee understands the business plan and sees how they impact and drive the business forward. Placon now has four manufacturing facilities across the United States to better serve customers and improve speed to market for products.


The customer base continues to see an increased demand for sustainable packaging solutions. The ability to recycle post-consumer PET bottles and thermoforms has helped the company create a key factor of differentiation from other thermoform packaging suppliers. It supports the customers’ sustainability efforts and a more sustainable packaging ecosystem.

Continued investment within food, medical, and retail vertical markets through new product introductions, facility expansions, and global acquisition are areas of future growth.

Founded in 1966 with only a few employees, Placon now has over 750 employees across all locations. As a local, family-owned business, it values the community and employees support and improve local communities through charitable partnerships and volunteer programs.