Rogue Creamery Blues Win Big at the 2019 sofi Awards

CENTRAL POINT, OR — Judges for the Specialty Food Association’s annual sofi Awards are singing the blues: the Rogue Creamery blues, that is!

Among dozens of artisan cheeses considered for recognition in the competitive Cow’s Milk Cheese category at the 2019 sofi Awards, Rogue Creamery’s blues received high praise – with their organic Oregon Blue awarded Silver and organic Caveman Blue the Bronze.

Following a 2018 Gold sofi win in the same category, these awards reinforce Rogue Creamery’s reputation for excellence. “What a thrill it is to be honored again this year, and twice over,” commented Rogue Creamery President David Gremmels. “Our team works diligently to create the finest handmade cheese possible. They are raising the bar – not just among blue cheeses, but for all cheese.”

The Silver winner, organic Oregon Blue, is Rogue Creamery’s classic, signature blue cheese. Based on a recipe developed in 1954, it was the West Coast’s first cave-aged, French-style blue, and has been a favorite in homes and professional kitchens alike for over 60 years.

“Oregon Blue is where it all began,” Gremmels continued, “and winning this award is a testament to its timelessness.”

Receiving Bronze, organic Caveman Blue is a more recent recipe. It is inspired in part by Oregon Blue, but made with a natural rind – which gives the cheese a unique texture and flavor, along with a more rustic character.

The USDA Certified Organic cow’s milk used in these cheeses comes largely from Rogue Creamery’s organic dairy in Southern Oregon. Their reputation for quality is based on their commitment to sustainability, including the use of solar power to offset the facility’s energy needs, innovative means of waste repurposing, and intensive rotational grazing. All this makes for a more ethical – and more delicious – final product.

The sofi awards are presented by the Specialty Food Association. Winners are recognized each year at a tasting reception that takes place the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York, NY.