Sabra Hummus is “The Snack Your Snacks Would Snack on if Snacks Could Snack on Snacks” in New Ad Campaign

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — If your snack could ask for a snack, what would it want? Sabra’s new marketing campaign places Sabra Hummus in the snack time spotlight, romancing the creamy chickpea-based dip as the perfect match for every salty, crunchy, craveable snack you’ve got. A series of new spots employ a unique stop-motion animation and CGI-created expressions to playfully personify amorous snack staples like pretzels, chips, and carrots hitting on hummus, because “together, we make the perfect snack.”

Debuting in time for International Hummus Day (May 13th), ‘The Snack Your Snacks Would Snack On’ campaign features a memorable mouthful of a 13-word tagline and will run across OTT, CTV, social and digital, as well as retail media. The creative represents an evolution for Sabra, which recently rolled out a brand refresh with updated logo and packaging. The fresh approach showcases hummus as the ideal every day, anytime snack hack, in addition to special occasion and event dip where hummus already has a prime place at the table.

“People love snacks but there is sometimes an inner struggle when it comes to what we reach for between meals,” said Lauren Fuller, director of brand communication for Sabra. “We want craveable snacks to be better-for-us and better-for-us snacks to be craveable. This campaign celebrates the fact that hummus quickly takes any snack from simple to satisfying, making Sabra every snack’s better half.”

According to a new poll conducted by Centiment on behalf of Sabra,* snack behavior has shifted in recent years, and we’re reaching for snacks more often. While we don’t always agree on where, or when, to snack we do know what we want from snack time:

Snack Facts

  • Satisfying: 60%+ seek something “satisfying” at snack time
  • Just Add Hummus: Almost half of US snackers say that simply adding hummus to a snack of pretzels or chips makes it more satisfying!
  • Tandem Snacking: Nearly half of people report pairing two snacks instead of eating just one
  • Convenience: 40% of us are regularly snacking while driving
  • Between the Sheets: Nearly 50% confess to snacking in bed
  • Zoom Snacking: A mere 12% say it is ok to snack on zoom, the majority consider it “RUDE” 

Sabra’s ‘The Snack Your Snacks Would Snack On’ campaign features a variety of Sabra hummus including 10oz tubs, Sabra Snackers with Pretzels and Sabra 2oz Singles, which are great for on-the-go snacking, each with familiar favorites and in popular snack settings. The national campaign was created in collaboration with the creative agency Opinionated.

About Sabra Dipping Company, LLC
With a rich history dating back to 1986 in Queens, New York, Sabra Dipping Company, LLC is a leader in the refrigerated dips and spreads category and producer of an iconic America’s hummus brand. Hummus is a delicious and remarkably versatile plant-based dip, embraced by Americans across diet preferences. Proudly producing a variety of hummus and guacamole dips, Sabra exists to unite and delight the world around planet positive food. 

Sabra hummus is made with wholesome chickpeas grown in the Pacific Northwest on family-owned farms and produced in Chesterfield County, VA. Sabra is headquartered in New York.

Sabra’s range of products includes offerings that are suitable for lifestyle choices like non-GMO**, vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, and vegan items and can be found nationwide in club stores, supermarkets, specialty retailers, through food service and at online retailers.

Find Sabra at and

*Sabra engaged the market research software provider Centiment to survey a representative sample of 2000 individuals in the United States between March 5-10th, 2023.

**Not made with genetically engineered ingredients.