This is the Most Popular Cheese in America, Data Says

Whether you’re stocking up your family fridge or trying to put together a charcuterie board that all your guests are going to like, you may want to know which cheese is your safest bet. The good news is that there’s data you can fall back on when picking a universally liked cheese option. According to a recent survey of almost 9,000 adults, America likes to keep it simple: The #1 most popular cheese in the country is cheddar.

The survey, conducted by polling firm YouGov, asked participants to vote for their favorite cheese from a list of 16 most common types of cheese you’ll find at the grocery store. Participants could also declare that their top pick wasn’t on the list, that they weren’t sure, or that they didn’t like cheese at all. Results showed that cheddar was by far the favorite, racking up 19% of the vote, compared to silver medalist American cheese which clocked in at 13%. Also in the top five were mozzarella, Swiss, and pepper jack respectively.

Meanwhile, ricotta was the least popular pick, with just 1% of the vote, while feta, goat cheese, gruyère, and muenster didn’t fare much better, each getting only 2%. What’s more, 4% of Americans don’t even like cheese, and the same amount can’t make up their mind.

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