Chrysal With New Innovations at the IFTF and Trade Fair

Naarden  – This year we are introducing no less than 5 new innovations at the IFTF in Vijfhuizen and the Trade Fair in Aalsmeer; the new sustainable Arrive Alive® Eco, our bio-based flower food, Flower Gel, Liquid Sachet on String and Vident. Arrive Alive® Eco is an environmentally friendly and innovative flower wrap that preserves the condition of cut flowers during transport. Our sustainable sachets contain our 99% bio-based formula that contribute to a circular and bio-based economy. Both are part of our online delivery concept, a unique concept consisting of various products that ensure flowers to be delivered in top condition at the consumers home. The IFTF and Trade Fair will take place November 3 – 5. We are happy to tell you more about our innovations at our booth at the IFTF B2.41 and FHTF 8.4 and 8.6.

Arrive Alive® Eco

The online sale of flowers has increased enormously worldwide. Consumers go to online and mobile shopping and with a simple click a beautiful arrangement is delivered to their home. However, it is essential to keep your flowers fresh during delivery. Chrysal introduces a sustainable solution; Arrive Alive® Eco, an environmentally friendly and innovative flower wrap that preserves the condition of cut flowers during transport. The flower wrap is made from renewable resources and fully compostable. The patented wrap keeps flowers fresh and reduces water consumption and flower waste in the chain. Arrive Alive® Eco has been nominated for a Greenovation Award for the best sustainable product introduction in floriculture of the year.

Bio based flower food

We’ve previously  introduced our complete line of sustainable packaging consisting of the paper, the Recyclable plastic and Compostable sachet. We are now introducing our bio-based flower food, with which we are taking the next step towards our sustainability goals. All our sustainable sachets contain 99% bio-based flower food. All bio-based ingredients come from renewable resources, such as plants. In developing the bio-based flower food, we have not compromised on our commitment to provide customers with the very best quality products. This way, flowers stay beautiful for longer and your customers can enjoy their flowers up to 60% longer.

Liquid Sachet on String

Until now it was only possible to automatically attach a powder sachet of flower food to bouquets. Liquid flower food sticks, preferred by many retailers and consumers, had to be attached manually, which took a lot of time and labour. But with the introduction of Liquid Sachet on String, it is now possible to automatically attach liquid flower food sticks to bouquets. For this innovation, Chrysal worked closely with Bercomex, who developed the application machine for this concept. This total solution reduces production, storage, transportation and labour costs. It also helps address the need for more spread out working conditions relating to  COVID-19.


Botrytis is one of the most common flower problems. This fungal disease causes flowers to not fully develop, gradually turning brown and eventually all the petals may fall off. It is an irreversible process and responsible for huge flower losses in the supply chain. But now there’s Chrysal Vident; an extremely effective product to control Botrytis. Vident is the only registered anti-Botrytis post-harvest treatment in the Netherlands. It significantly reduces the risk of Botrytis, is safe to use and highly effective. With Chrysal Vident your flowers will stay beautiful for longer.

Flower Gel

Chrysal Flower Gel is an innovative (patent pending) gel to easily and conveniently keep your flowers hydrated during transport. It is a bio-based gel made of water and clay, which is environmentally friendly. Flower Gel maintains the water source during transport and thus keeps flowers hydrated. With Flower Gel there is not ‘free water’ and therefore no spills, damage and complaints from customers and easy to use. Your flowers stay hydrated from the packer to the customer. Combining Chrysal Flower Gel  with Arrive Alive® Eco offers a complete flower delivery solution