Launching SENTI Roses by Danziger

As leaders in the international horticultural breeding sector, with over 1000 customers in more than 60 countries, we constantly seek to offer growers more and better solutions for their needs, by expanding Danziger’s offering and entering new segments. In order to realize our goal of truly being a one stop shop, we constantly offer new, creative, and attractive assortments that customers love and growers trust. The addition of cut roses to our portfolio is a strategic step forward for Danziger. It is an integral part of our vision, our promise to growers and our commitment to genetic innovation resulting in new assortments.

SENTI™, from the Latin to feel and experience, is the name we sentimentally chose for our new rose’s brand. We believe it is truly fitting, reflecting the very essence of roses and their special role in our lives – expressing sentiments of love, passion, romance, empathy, excitement, and sometimes sadness and longing. 


“With a well-established reputation in the fields of fillers, in recent years we have turned our attention to focals, and roses were the natural continuation. We are excited to enter the beautiful and challenging world of roses. This is another opportunity for us to harness our experience and resources in genetics, production and service – to drive success throughout the entire supply chain.” Says Gaby Danziger, Danziger CEO.

Danziger is especially renowned for its extensive assortment of leading Gypsophila varieties, such as XLENCE™ and MILLION STARS™, and since cut roses are a complementary product to Gypsophila, we believe that offering our growers a broader assortment is a significant benefit.


We at Danziger brought our expertise and experience to bear in finding, selecting, and purchasing the finest rose genetics, from Gefa Rosen in Hamburg, Germany. This over 60 years old company, owned by Klaus Geereking has a substantial experience with growing and breeding of rosesLike Danziger, Klaus founded as a family company in 1961, that grew and developed into exceptional breeder dedicated to constant innovation and provision of the finest value to growers and customers. From a small greenhouse in Germany, Klaus’ company moved to larger facilities and continued to grow and blossom. Klaus is renowned for breeding unique, world-class rose varieties with test trials and sales in main locations such as Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, and Ethiopia. “Purchasing rose genetics from Klaus enables us to benefit from the valuable advantages of proven genetic load, extensive familiarity with market needs, as well as reliable plant material” says Gaby Danziger. The acquisition of Klaus’ very large and broad germplasm was another stage of evolution of our independent breeding activities over the past years, as we accumulated rich knowledge in the cultivation, breeding, propagation, and growth of roses.

By leveraging the fruits of many years of careful and skillful breeding, we have established a fast track to market for promising commercial varieties, as well as future innovative varieties in the main rose segments. To support this effort, we have recruited professionals with prior rose cultivation knowledge in various geographic regions, to assist us in providing the expertise and fine service that growers have come to expect from Danziger.


This excellent foundation of rose varieties, will be backed by local Danziger teams around the world, as well as by the company’s advanced breeding and propagation facilities, and our second to none, trailblazing R&D department. Our horticultural excellence is consolidated and complemented by our in-depth familiarity with the needs of growers around the globe, especially in our primary rose markets of Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, Ethiopia, where local Danziger teams provide our customers with the full benefits of their expertise and knowledge.

Our commitment to constant advancement is not limited to breeding, we focus special attention on innovation in marketing and customer service. With this launch, we are also introducing new and unique models offering a range of purchase options tailored to fit today’s grower needs.

Our internal breeding process has highlighted several rose varieties that will be presented and offered for trials to be conducted by rose growers in both Colombia and Ecuador during our open days. Here is a partial list:

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 SENTI™ Dark Redwith excellent openingand thick petals  SENTI™ YellowSoft yellow rose, with good basal production and long stems  SENTI™ Dark Pinkwith a bright color, good opening, and no thorns  ALQUIMIApeach colored variety with extra-long stems  SENTI™ Light Peachwith extra-long stems, symmetrical opening and very few thorns 

A rosy future

Following years of study, research and acquiring expertise, we have gained in-depth familiarity with the existing genetics, and are now preparing to hold our first open days in both Ecuador and Colombia designed to introduce growers to the choice varieties we have selected.

Ecuador Open Days – to be held from 17 to 31 of March.

Colombia Open Days – to be held from 16 to 25 of March.

Our rosy future also extends to Kenya, where we now have 3 rose greenhouses – a rose display area, breeding area and blooming area. Our local customers in Kenya are cordially invited to visit us at Danziger Kenya any time, see our display and learn about our rose varieties.

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