Proven Winners: Using Containers for a Splash of Color

Many gardeners love to grow flowers in containers on a deck, balcony or patio. It’s a great way to have color, and a touch of summer, close at hand. But there are other places to use containers in your landscape.

Using containers in the garden to add color to a shady spot, to a “difficult to grow anything” spot under a tree or as an accent to other flowers and edibles is a simple way to add some pop to your landscape. With new, attractive containers made from durable polyurethane, it’s easy to care for these pots as well.

These containers look like a decorative clay or metal pot, but are light weight, easy to move, UV resistant and long lastings. Plus, the pots can be moved throughout the growing season, refreshed with new plants when needed and protected from heavy rains, hail and winds.

Let’s look at three places to use these pots in the garden.

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