Rio Roses: 6 Features Your Floral Website Must Have in 2020

It’s no surprise that people are doing most of their shopping online these days, and that very much includes ordering flowers. To take full advantage of this trend, make sure your website contains these six must-have features:

  1. High-Quality, Close-up Product Images

Customers want to see precisely how their flower arrangement will look before they purchase. That’s why it’s vital to show high-quality images of every arrangement. Take close-up photos that show the colors and details of each flower, and you’re sure to increase sales.

  1. Designer’s Choice Arrangements

While many customers will choose the prepared arrangements already featured on your website, others will want something different. That’s where Designer’s Choice comes in. Include a section on your site that offers a one-of-a-kind arrangement created by your expert designer, for a specific price. Designer’s Choice is a great way to give customers something unique, personalized, and seasonal.

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