Rio Roses: St Patrick’s Day P.R.E.P.

While you’re deep in the heart of Valentine’s Day, it’s never too early to think of the next holiday: St. Patrick’s Day. We know, we know—it’s not at the forefront of your mind right now, but March 17th is closer than you think! Here are a few marketing tips we’ve put together to help you prepare to paint the town green with your floral arrangements.

  1. Create “St. Patrick’s Day” Floral Arrangements

Generate interest with limited-edition arrangements created specifically for St. Patrick’s Day. Whether you use mostly green florals or add green elements is up to you. Just make sure customers can’t get these arrangements at any other time of year, and then promote them broadly as “Exclusive St. Patrick’s Day Floral Arrangements” on your website and social media. This will create a sense of urgency for customers to buy them now.

  1. Offer a Special St Patrick’s Day Promotion

Take a look at your stock to identify slow-moving products, then work out how to offer them at a discount for St. Patrick’s Day. 17% would be a great idea for a discount, since St. Patrick’s Day occurs on March 17th. Attach a shamrock to the arrangements you want to sell, and write down the discount price on the shamrock. You can also offer a discount to people who come into the store wearing something green. Another idea is to put your green items, such as succulents and plants, on sale. Whatever you choose, make sure you promote it on social media and in your emails.

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