Bountiful Crop of Organic Thomcord Grapes Shipping Soon From Fruit World

REEDLEY, CA — Fruit World, a family-owned, flavor-focused grower-shipper of organic and conventional fruit and the largest California grower of organic Thomcord grapes, has announced it expects to begin shipping this popular variety by the end of July, with strong, promotable volumes available from mid-August through early-October. Thomcord seedless grapes are a hybrid of Concord and Thompson Seedless grapes, with the rich, full Concord flavor and the tender skin and seedless qualities of the Thompson. 

“We are already getting text messages from consumers asking when our organic Thomcords will be available,” said Fruit World co-founder Bianca Kaprielian. “They love the Thomcord flavor profile, and appreciate the opportunity to communicate directly with the growers through our Thomcord Tales promotion campaign, which is now in its fourth year.”

Seven years since planting, Fruit World’s Thomcord vines are now fully mature and heavy with luscious purple clusters. “The recent warm weather in California’s Central Valley is rapidly increasing the color and brix, so we’ll begin harvesting 7-10 days earlier than last year,” said CJ Buxman, co-founder of Fruit World.

Fruit World Thomcord grapes are available in 10 x 2 lb recyclable and compostable paper totes, with bright, colorful graphics that have proven very popular with consumers. The company will also be shipping 20 x 1 lb clamshells.

In 2020, Fruit World shipped their organic Thomcord grapes across the United States, in addition to air freighting to customers in Asia. “While we anticipate this year’s crop to be heavier than in 2020, last year we sold out in mid-September,” Kaprielian added. “We encourage retailers to contact us early to confirm their orders and meet the high consumer demand for this popular variety.”

In addition to Thomcord grapes, Fruit World will be shipping Kyoho grapes this season. Highly prized and renowned for their robust flavor, especially in Asian markets, this seeded, slip-skin variety has large, round, black berries. “People get together to share the Kyoho eating experience,” said Buxman. “It’s much more than a casual snacking fruit.” The vines are young, so limited quantities are available in 2021 in 2 lb, 3 lb and 4 lb clamshells, with specialty packs also available upon request.

The company will also offer exclusive limited supplies of Pete Wolf’s legendary black, red and green heirloom grape varieties from mid-July through October. Pete Wolf is one of California’s first organic growers, a well-respected grape expert, and a long-term Fruit World growing partner.

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