Fruit World Unveils Final Push of Winter Citrus

Promising Peak Flavor and Unmatched Quality

Reedley, CA—Fruit World, a leading fresh produce company known for its commitment to sustainability and family farms, is in the final push of its winter citrus program, harvesting specialty citrus for another month and citrus staples into late April or early May. Specializing in delivering the most flavorful fruit in California, including organic and conventional citrus, grapes, stone fruit, and more, Fruit World curates large and small-scale citrus programs across North America.

Renowned for its premium organic citrus offerings, Fruit World strives for unparalleled taste and quality. Current standout offerings include organic Tango and Murcott mandarins, now available in their newly rebranded, high-graphic bags, and conventional Gold Nugget mandarins, which are “off-the-charts sweet,” according to Bianca Kaprielian, Founder and CEO of Fruit World, with a brix above 15! They’ll continue to harvest Navel and Cara Cara oranges into late April or early May, as well as lemons. Fruit World is completing its harvest of organic Minneloas and grapefruit, which will only be available for a couple more weeks.

“We focus on providing our customers with peak-season produce and a high level of customer service,” shared Bianca Kaprielian, Founder and CEO of Fruit World. “Our growing operations allow us to reliably supply national supermarkets, independent chains, and mom-and-pop grocers, all while staying rooted in our values.”

The celebration of California citrus doesn’t end once winter citrus wraps up, as Fruit World offers year-round lemon and orange programs. Their organic lemons are grown in all three California growing districts, ensuring that customers can enjoy uninterrupted U.S.-grown fruit all year. Once their Navel oranges are harvested, they seamlessly move into Valencia oranges, providing a

year-round California orange supply.

Contact Fruit World’s sales team today to experience the difference and set up your spring citrus promotions; visit their website at

About Fruit World

Fruit World is a fresh and creative produce company with generations of history. Fruit World grows and ships the most flavorful fruit in California—including organic and conventional citrus, organic grapes, organic stone fruit, and more—and works with customers who share a passion for quality and taste. They’re all about honoring their growers, staying true to their farming heritage, and keeping family farming thriving for future generations. Visit