Nature Fresh Farms Double its Ohio Operations with More Organic Acreage in Newly Announced Expansion

Leamington, ON – Nature Fresh Farms has confirmed the expansion of their Ohio operations increasing their Organic acreage as well as a plans to build a new Distribution Center.

The property expansion will include doubling the greenhouse acreage from the current 45 acres to 90, with the future extension to be dedicated to year-round Organics. This new greenhouse allows the company to expand Organics program using state of the art tech to grow Tomatoes and Peppers throughout the year. Over recent years Organics have grown from a food trend to a foundational expectation for food brands in the fresh produce industry, with the global health crisis refocusing consumer preferences towards nutritional food and beverages that support a healthy diet and immune system. 

“This US Expansion is primarily due to the constantly growing demand of locally grown and Organics from consumers.  We want to be the market leader in organic greenhouse produce and this will strengthen our position.” Shared Matt Quiring, Director of Sales. “We’re devoting more space in Ohio to better serve our customers a more consistently flavorful organic offering.”

In addition to the increase in Organics, Nature Fresh Farms will also be building a 60,000 sq ft Distribution Warehouse on the Delta property, strengthening their logistics and operations out of Ohio. The center’s construction is planned to begin the Summer of 2022, with its completion set for a year from then.

“This new expansion of our local Ohio facility will allow us to continue to support our customer needs and product demands,” said Vice President, John Ketler. “This strategic move helps us to simplify logistics while providing more efficient service taking our existing customer service to the next level. We are also looking forward to the extension of our Organic program! With Organic attributes already strongly impacting the market today, we will see it continue to grow in the future.” 

Originally breaking ground in Delta, Ohio in 2015, this was Nature Fresh Farms first facility built across the Canadian border creating more than 200 jobs. Over the past six years Nature Fresh Farms has experienced rapid growth leading to this new Greenhouse and Warehouse expansion in Ohio providing more career opportunities for locals along with promising future for an increase in their Organic selection. 


About Nature Fresh Farms – 

At Nature Fresh Farms, we believe through wise management of precious resources and agricultural innovation, we can better preserve the vitality of our planet, while safeguarding food security. Based in Leamington, Ontario with facilities in Delta, Ohio, Laredo, Texas, and Mexico, we continue to expand our global network of quality growers and logistics partners, allowing us to provide high-quality Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers, and Strawberries.