New Crop Rave Apples Are Back

The outrageously juicy apple with the refreshing, snappy zing is back! Rave® brand MN55 cultivar apples made their grand appearance at Stemilt’s Olds Packing facility in Wenatchee, WA on July 30 and certainly brightened up the place!

Harvested a few days prior, Rave® will appear in grocery stores around the country in the coming weeks. “We are really looking forward to this year’s Rave® crop and getting back into peak apple season,” states Brianna Shales, Stemilt marketing director. “This apple thrives in the heat due to its parentage and it colored beautifully this year.” Rave® is a Honeycrisp cross, giving retailers the advantage to carry a premium apple weeks before other apples come off the tree.

“Retailers will be able to start their season off with a premium variety with optimal quality that not only looks amazing, but tastes great,” says Shales. “It is has a sweet-tart flavor profile and a crisp, clean juicy bite. It was so juicy in fact, that I thought I was eating a peach and needed a napkin to clean up!” Rave® will be available in a broad range of sizes, from medium bulk to bags, and is promotable in August and September. “Rave® is a great way to kick off the new crop apple season on a high note,” explains Shales.

“It’s a fun apple to share during its short season, and is backed by consumer marketing to ensure and spread awareness of the apple that you’ll rave about.”