Pure Flavor Meeting Consumer Needs for Organic Vegetables

Leamington, ON – With more people seeking out organic options in the produce aisle than ever before, Pure Flavor® is connecting with shoppers to promote their extensive line of organic veggies as a healthy and convenient lifestyle choice. 

The greenhouse grower is encouraging shoppers to Explore the Fresh From Within™ by including more fresh organic produce in their recipes and daily snacking habits.

According to United Fresh Q1 Fresh Facts on Retail, sales of organic produce grew 9.1% compared to the previous year. That’s a trend Tiffany Sabelli, Director of Sales at Pure Flavor®,expects to continue as shoppers continue to expect more fresh organic options at the supermarket.

“Consumers are demanding more variety in the produce aisle and that extends to Organics,” said Sabelli. “We offer the highest quality and most complete product overing of  flavorful organic, greenhouse grown vegetables to suit all different occasions – including consumers’ favorite snacking products like Organic Juno® Bites Red Grape Tomatoes and Organic Aurora Bites Mini Sweet Peppers.

When it comes to organic snacking, fresh greenhouse grown vegetables are on a lot of shopping lists this year with consumers seeking out natural, unprocessed options that can be packed in lunches and taken on-the-go.

“Convenience is key – we want organic shoppers to have the flexibility they deserve. We offer snack-sized tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers in many convenient pack sizes so that shoppers can always find a Pure Flavor® organic snack to take with them on all their adventures”, said Sabelli.

Pure Flavor’s® USDA Certified Organic vegetables are sustainably grown in a controlled greenhouse environment. Having complete control over the entire growing process in an enclosed space protected from the elements allows the company to ensure consistency, quality, and flavor, regardless of the season. 

Consumers craving fresh organic snacks year-round are discovering the advantages of greenhouse grown produce, both in terms of flavor and sustainability.

The success of Pure Flavor’s® organic snacking products is a testament to the quality & convenience of their pre-packed snacking veggies, grown to meet the everyday needs of shoppers. Through social media, newsletters, the seasonal Live Deliciously® emagazine and more, Pure Flavor® is sharing how each organic product in their lineup fits a different snacking occasion or healthy recipe. 

Pure Flavor’s® lifestyle-based approach shows the grower is in-tune with shoppers who want to choose products that reflect their personal values, behaviors, and style. That’s not by chance: the grower marketer has done its homework into why people prefer organics.

Late last year, Pure Flavor® launched the #LoveForFresh campaign to encourage overall produce consumption and get to better understand their audience’s product preferences, including organics. Seeing the upward trajectory of organic produce and noticing consumer habits were shifting due to the pandemic, the brand wanted to understand which products consumers prefer and why.

Thanks to the success of this campaign and more than 13,000 total surveys completed, the greenhouse grower learned a great deal about North Americans’ organic produce consumption habits.

Over 88% of people surveyed said eating organics reflects their goal of eating healthier, more nutritious food. 76% agreed that buying organic produce shows they care about what their put in their bodies.

“Consumers who are shopping for organics are looking to make a choice that reflects their personal values”, said Chris Veillon, Chief Marketing Officer. “As a brand marketer, we work hard to establish an emotional connection with consumers by showing how our organic veggies can be enjoyed in different snacking situations and healthy recipes that suits their lifestyles.” 

“Organic veggies are feel-good food,” added Veillon. “Each of our organic products are grown to satisfy a different craving and that’s a kind of personalized approach we share in all our content.”

The greenhouse grower will be exhibiting its full lineup of organic greenhouse grown vegetables at this year’s Organic Produce Summit (OPS) in Monterey, California on September 16th.

To learn more about Pure Flavor® Organics and what is being promoted at the show, visit https://www.pureflavor.com/OPS2021/.


About Pure Flavor® –

Pure Flavor® is a family of greenhouse vegetable growers who share a commitment to bringing A Life of Pure Flavor™ to communities everywhere. Our passion for sustainable greenhouse growing, strong support for our retail & foodservice customers, and focus on engaging consumers is built on a foundation drawn from generations of growing expertise. 

We are the next generation of vegetable growers, inspired to put quality, flavor, and customers first by providing greenhouse-grown vegetables from our farms that are strategically located throughout North America.