Sekoya to Showcase New Blueberry Varieties at Special Event

Aznalcázar, Spain — Global blueberry marketing platform Sekoya® is showcasing the expected increase in availability of its eponymous quality brand across Europe with a dedicated event for retail customers. The Sekoya® Field & Forum, which takes place in Seville, Spain on 24 March, 2022, will showcase new proprietary varieties for the global consumer market and the Sekoya® concept. The forum also comes ahead of Sekoyas participation in Fruit Logistica 2022 from 5-7 April.

Attendees to the Field & Forum will have the opportunity to visit Sekoya’s research and development farm, and taste actual and future genetics in the form of Sekoya Pop™ (‘FCM14-052’) and Sekoya Beauty™ (‘FCM12-097’), two Sekoya® Low/Zero Chill varieties that have been developed to appeal to consumers across the world. The event also will focus on standards of crunchiness, quality, flavor, freshness and shelf-life for the category as a whole, showcasing how Sekoya® addresses these.

A strategic business unit of US-based Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Sekoya® was launched in 2020 with the aim of bringing high quality, longer shelf-life blueberries to retailers and consumers in markets worldwide. According to Sekoya® Value Chain & Retail Manager, Hans Liekens, Sekoya was created in 2020 with the objective of developing a 52-week per year value chain in partnership with leading growers and grocery retailers, with all participating producers being able to draw on the same genetics. “The aim of Sekoya® is both to provide growers and retailers with a quality stamp and also to deliver consistent quality in terms of firmness, size and flavour,” said Liekens.

Collaborating with dedicated growers in Spain, the US, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ukraine, Poland, Morocco, South Africa, Italy, Canada, Zimbabwe, France, Netherlands, Germany and the UK, the platform works across Low/Zero Chile (Southern Highbush) and Mid/High Chill (Northern Highbush) blueberries. To date, Sekoya has introduced four proprietary varieties: the Mid/High Chill Sekoya Grande™ (‘FC13-122’) and Sekoya Crunch™ (‘FC13-083’); and the Low/Zero Chill Sekoya Pop™ and Sekoya Beauty™.

In the case of Sekoya Pop™ and Sekoya Beauty™, two of their main attributes come in the form of an extended shelf-life and a sizing that combines with superior taste characteristics. “Sekoya Pop™ and Sekoya Beauty™ have a very long shelf-life of between 45-60 days, and will stay crunchy for over 45 days,” continued Liekens. “This means almost zero waste for retailers. Combined with a bigger size, we believe the varieties will attract new consumers to the category.”

The Sekoya® Field & Forum, which takes place in Aznalcázar close to Seville, will give growers and retailers alike to chance to see and sample the qualities of Sekoya Pop™ and Sekoya Beauty™ up close, as well as to hear about the Sekoya® concept as a whole. “We’re inviting growers and retailers to come together, walk the field and try the fruit blind, as well as hearing a presentation about the future of blueberries,” Liekens added. “If you are in blueberries, you will want to be there.”

About Sekoya®

Sekoya® is a B2B-branded platform designed to deliver the Sekoya® Eating Experience – crunchy, long-lasting & tasty blueberries – 52 weeks per year. Sekoya® is a strategic business unit of Fall Creek Farm & Nursery – supplier of 70% of all blueberry plants worldwide – which brings together 14 professional licensee members across the globe.

The Sekoya® Field & Forum will take place at the Fall Creek Nursery, Aznalcázar, Seville, Spain on March 24. Sekoya® will also be exhibiting at Fruit Logistica 2022 in Hall 5.2, Stand C-22 from 5-7 April in Berlin, Germany.