The Global Impact of Avocados @ West Pak Avocado

Murrieta, CA – West Pak Avocado, a California-based grower, packer, and distributor of premium avocados, just released its latest Avo Effect campaign video, The Global Impact of Avocados. The sixth episode for the company’s ongoing  series, this video looks beyond the avocado’s purpose of consumption – to the world it reaches, and its potential both culturally and globally as demand grows and newfound markets and audiences discover the healthy green fruit. 

This year, the ongoing series went to the core of the avocado’s industries to capture storylines focusing on the key sectors. These stories include how the avocado created momentum in the produce industry from retail to trade, online and in the lush groves of California while also mirroring how West Pak Avocado, as an organization, coincides with these efforts. 

Avocados have become a leading produce item in the retail and foodservice sectors with an incredible opportunity for continued growth. The Avo Effect has globally impacted not only our industry but supporting industries and consumers across the world. 

“Today, the avocado is even recognized as a mainstream pop culture icon from social media to emerging trends,” stated West Pak Avocado Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Doug Meyer. “From a desired healthier lifestyle to a balanced diet – research data proves this heart-healthy green fruit is only increasing in awareness and desirability. The Avo Effect on the avocado’s future is bright, and its opportunities to make a stance in the world are endless.”

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About The Avo Effect Campaign

The Avo Effect is a broad-reaching video campaign that sheds light on the global phenomenon the avocado has sparked within the produce industry. The videos are designed to cover West Pak’s avocado footprint and the significant reach the avocado holds on its core industries. Topics showcase the Avo Effect on trade, retail, foodservice, commissions, California avocado season, organics, sustainability, and social media influence. Each of the videos in the series offers real-life testimonies of how the avocado has positively affected others.

All episodes will be available at and under the hashtag #avoeffect plus on West Pak’s Youtube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram (Instagram Feed, IGTV Channel, Stories), and Twitter, plus West Pak’s blog.

About West Pak Avocado

West Pak Avocado is a family owned and operated company that has been proudly growing, packing, shipping, and distributing premium avocados for 35+ years. Their commitment to quality represents not only the produce they sell and how they respect the land but also to how business is conducted. A leading force in the avocado industry, West Pak Avocado is devoted to upholding the highest ethical trading practices and proudly takes an active role in helping to ensure the vitality of the produce business. For more information, please visit