Which Health, Food Segments Are Missing Out on the E-Commerce Boom?

The pandemic has introduced over 22 million new U.S. shoppers to the online channel since March 2020, but growth in online sales hasn’t been equal across categories.

While overall growth has been strong among online sales of health, beauty, and food products, some segments within these broader categories have yet to gain e-commerce traction. Retailers now have the opportunity, however, to implement new tactics that will create a seamless customer experience and tap into the fast-growing e-commerce channel.

In the last year, e-commerce has captured more than its fair share of dollars for many product categories, with most of those falling in the health and beauty care segment. In fact, 21 of the top 30 categories with the largest e-commerce dollar share were health and beauty products during the 52 weeks ended Dec. 26, 2020. And while many of these products are soaring beyond their pre-pandemic e-commerce growth records, a handful of health and beauty categories remain predominantly driven by in-store sales growth.

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