Blumar Releases Its First Salmon Brand Raised Without Antibiotics: Laguna Blanca

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Under the premise of uniting its sustainability and business strategies, Chilean salmon producer Blumar launched Laguna Blanca, its first brand raised without antibiotics, to continue to generate actions that allow a sustainable development of salmon aquaculture. Available for wholesale purchase nationwide via BluGlacier, Laguna Blanca salmon is the result of the work of a passionate team committed to animal welfare. Originating from Chile’s southern Magallanes region in Patagonia, Laguna Blanca is sustainably raised and adheres to healthiest living conditions possible that closely replicate the positive qualities of their natural environment.

“This salmon is the result of the work of a team highly committed to caring for the environment and animal welfare. It is a product free of antibiotic treatments, grown in the unique conditions that offer the purity and temperature of the waters of Chile’s Magallanes region,” says Daniel Montoya, Sales & Marketing Director of Blumar.

Cultivated throughout its cycle without antibiotics, Laguna Blanca is a certified product under the demanding aquaculture standard of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), an independent non-profit organization that establishes a protocol on socially and environmentally responsible farmed seafood.

“We are very excited and proud to launch Laguna Blanca by Blumar here in the United States. People are looking for a product that is healthy, but also responsible for the planet. This new brand comes with this intention, to show the environmental commitment, efficiency and quality of Chilean salmon that we seek to position ourselves strongly in the North American market,” says Sebastian Goycoolea, CEO of BluGlacier, a trading company that Blumar operates in partnership with Ventisqueros in USA.

Blumar, one of the joint venture partners at BluGlacier, has produced premium and reliable salmon products for the U.S. over the past ten years to wholesalers such as Kroger, Costco and Sam’s Club. Blumar’s new product, Laguna Blanca, expects to reach the U.S. market in its fresh and frozen formats starting September 2021 and will position itself as a high-quality protein in the retail and restaurant segments.

“We worked hand in hand with Blumar to create Laguna Blanca. After visiting Punta Arenas and seeing the pristine waters, I knew the story of the Magallanes region had to be told. Laguna Blanca is an incredible product, and we can’t wait to share it with our customers,” says Evelyn Torres, CMO of BluGlacier.

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About BluGlacier:

BluGlacier LLC is the jointly owned North American sales office for Blumar SA and Ventisqueros SA, two of Chile’s most respected and experienced salmon producers. Both companies own all aspects of their salmon production, including freshwater hatcheries, saltwater farms and primary and secondary processing facilities. BluGlacier, one of the three largest Chilean salmon importers to the U.S. by volume, is recognized for delivering high quality products and creating strong supply partnerships with customers. For more information, visit